Thursday, March 19, 2009

Maybe Twice


I had a passing thought at work today so I had to pick up the pen. I have been setting the letters aside a bit lately. I love drawing weird characters, I have been using them to try and display my letters in a different kind of way… just trying to find my niche.

Fuck all this hipster bullshit and half ass hip hop I’m getting back on my gangster lean. I miss grimey hip hop. I admit I get down with some pretty questionable shit sometimes and I’m sure most people I hang out with would rip most of my taste to shreds. All I’m saying is that I miss 36 chambers steez. I am excited for Jada’s album to drop on April 7th …The Last Kiss…This track is pretty hood. "Had the baddest chics in the world...maybe twice."

Jadakiss- “Can’t Stop Me”

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Anonymous said...

"E" I really like your art man. Maybe we could throw some ideas together and you could help me with a band logo. KOSH? Hit me up on FB -PETE Keff