Monday, April 13, 2009

Slow It Down


Lately I have been getting very reflective with my life. From time to time I try to jump ahead and make things happen quicker. This is no fun…mad stressful. Im trying to learn to sit, just be, and let life present itself to me, I mean sure you need to go after things you want but worrying about things you cannot control is pointless. Im thinking this… I’m slowing my shit down in hopes that it will speed things up if you can catch my steeze with that. Whenever I need to slow down I go home with my music. Home is where the heart is and my home is Reggae. Rocker T is one of my favorite Oakland white boys in the Cali reggae scene. He has a magical voice that makes my eyes water and my feet start backwards skipping while sitting in my cube. Watch for his album this summer he is so NASTY. I did a little exercise on my break today...Listen to this ill recording of Rocker T at Northwest Reggae Fest in 2007 and draw the first thing that comes to mind and see what I come up with by the end of the track (I went about three minutes over) This is what I had…It’s a pineapple doode. If I could just a reach a one, just a teach a one, just through me speech my son...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009



I went to Miami this weekend. On Friday I went to the hood to peep some art and draw on some dumpsters. I got to talking to this homeless doode right next to this wall. The corner store owner pays him daily to sweep around this alley. He said he used to live with the boy in this painting and his father in the sidewalk alley around the corner. He then went onto tell me that the boy died right in front of his eyes on the sidewalk one morning and this wall was a tribute to the boy. I didn’t get into how the boy died and I am not sure if it the story was even true. Either way I was moved by his friendliness and by the power of this wall, it really was amazing in person. I gave the guy some loot for “food” and he watched my back while I drew on a near by dumpster. I gave the doode daps and rolled out. The man was very nice and this was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. Lately I have been listening to everything that is wrong with hip hop just cuzzz I dont feel like dealing with reality and...I say wassup

Monday, March 30, 2009

Blue Flowers


When I was little I knew spring was coming when these two little flowers would pop up in my front yard. Well I was at my parent’s house and sure enough there they were. Pretty steezy they pop up every year no fail. I had a job interview on Friday. They asked me why I was qualified for the job. I pulled a boom box out of a duffle bag, played this track, and walked out of the room. Going to Florida this week bringing back mad butts on the cheap if you want I’ll have what you need.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Swamp Dolphin

been doing my thing.

Well let’s see... I saw a trash barrel explode at lunch today on Boylston St, it was pretty awesome. The other day I bought Talib and Madlibs album obvi its fresh. I am going to Florida next week to see my booRADley…pumped about that.I heard this new phrase, "swamp dolphin"... shit is hilarious. I heard this new single thats gonna be released on WALE's album this summer, shit is kinda fresh…Lady Gaga sounds like she would get it.

WALE featuring Lady Gaga... "Chillin"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Maybe Twice


I had a passing thought at work today so I had to pick up the pen. I have been setting the letters aside a bit lately. I love drawing weird characters, I have been using them to try and display my letters in a different kind of way… just trying to find my niche.

Fuck all this hipster bullshit and half ass hip hop I’m getting back on my gangster lean. I miss grimey hip hop. I admit I get down with some pretty questionable shit sometimes and I’m sure most people I hang out with would rip most of my taste to shreds. All I’m saying is that I miss 36 chambers steez. I am excited for Jada’s album to drop on April 7th …The Last Kiss…This track is pretty hood. "Had the baddest chics in the world...maybe twice."

Jadakiss- “Can’t Stop Me”

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Today is the 50th post, it is beautiful out, and I just got some cheap is good. STAABB has been kickin it with some weirdo shit lately that’s for sure. In the words of the late Hunter S. “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” Recently I have been exploring my artistic mind with the guidance of exotic music that would drive some straight to the insane asylum. I'll be honest my last purchase was 10,000 Maniacs MTV Unplugged featuring the infamous cover of "Because the Night", great fucking song. Hey what I love is what I do. I have been working extremely hard on this art thing and the weirdness has started to pay off. Today Im gonna tone it down for you. I just ran into this brand new Consequence Kudi joint. Im back and forth with Kudi but there is no denying Consequence comes hard with this shit…so steezy. I have been working on this new sticker...REGALIZE IT

Friday, March 13, 2009

Booty Chasers


The year is 2092. STAABB, ruler of the universe is called upon to deliver a message. The people stare up desperately at their gorgeous leader hovering above the horizon. STAABB motions towards the sky. It begins to rain, a sign from the heavens that the people will get what they need. This song begins.