Tuesday, April 7, 2009



I went to Miami this weekend. On Friday I went to the hood to peep some art and draw on some dumpsters. I got to talking to this homeless doode right next to this wall. The corner store owner pays him daily to sweep around this alley. He said he used to live with the boy in this painting and his father in the sidewalk alley around the corner. He then went onto tell me that the boy died right in front of his eyes on the sidewalk one morning and this wall was a tribute to the boy. I didn’t get into how the boy died and I am not sure if it the story was even true. Either way I was moved by his friendliness and by the power of this wall, it really was amazing in person. I gave the guy some loot for “food” and he watched my back while I drew on a near by dumpster. I gave the doode daps and rolled out. The man was very nice and this was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. Lately I have been listening to everything that is wrong with hip hop just cuzzz I dont feel like dealing with reality and...I say wassup

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Hot Mess said...

really cool story.